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The Greek Alphabet

Phonemes (sounds)
Manner & Place of Articulation
Consonants, Vowels, Accents
Rules for Contractions

Hand Writing Greek

Transcribing Greek into English

If ... Then ... Conditions

Morphs of Verbs, Nouns,
Adverbs, Adjectives

Convert TekniaGreek to Unicode
Or practice typing Greek words.

Nouns & Non-Verbs

The Greek Article & Case Endings
(A General Overview)

How Greek Cases are Used
(A General Overview)

Mounce's 8 Noun Rules

Noun & Non-Verb
Reference Materials

1st Declension Paradigms

2nd Declension Paradigms

3rd Declension Paradigms





Greek Numbers

Intermediate Grammar
(Noun and Non-Verb)

The Greek Article

Nominative Case

Vocative Case

Accusative Case

Genitive Case

Dative Case

Language Skills

"Lex Links" Lexicon

Vocab. Development Pages

Glossary of Grammatical Terms

* Translation Exercises

* GNT Verses Memorization Tool

* Self Test, Word Forms


Verb Personal Pronoun Endings

Chart of Indicative Morphs

Chart of Participle Morphs

Chart of Nonindicative Morphs

Mounce's 8 Verb Rules

Verb Reference


Λύω (Omega Conjugation)

Contract Verbs

Deponent Verbs

Liquid Verbs

Direct Flexion Verbs
(also called "2nd tenses")

Second Aorist Verbs

3rd Conjugation (Mi Verbs)